Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals Jeffrey Spences 2011 article “Conscious rating distortion in performance appraisal: a review, commentary, and proposal framework for research” discusses the relationship between managers and employees and how managers use conscious rating distortion as a means to evaluate individuals that they are in charge of. Performance appraisal is one Continue Reading

Role of Probation and Parole

Probation and parole officers are sometimes mandated with the task of advising and helping the released criminals as they re-integrate into the society. In most cases, these officers usually find that advising and counseling the criminals increases the likelihood of these people to successfully re-integrate into the society. The rehabilitation Continue Reading

U.S. Healthcare Reform Since the

Effects on Current Position With “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” many healthcare professionals are affected (Democratic Policy Committee, n.d.). Nationwide, hospitals are scrambling to buy hospitals in an effort to control costs. Doctors are leaving small private practices. Large insurance companies are becoming more dominant as smaller ones Continue Reading

Foucault and the Current Discourse

Paul Patton (1998) maintains, “in this manner, the ways in which certain human capacities become identified and finalized within particular forms of subjectivity the ways in which power creates subjects may also become systems of domination (71). Foucault contends that discourses on sex positioned at the end of the 18th Continue Reading

Visual Impairment Week 2 Discussion

The educational needs created by a visual impairment are unique. Vision loss can result in delayed concept development and critically influence social, emotional, academic, and vocational development. These students must garner knowledge through alternative mediums using their other senses. Because of this students with visual impairments often require individualized instruction Continue Reading