Hamlets Ghost

Hamlets Ghost has presented a problem for critics and readers since it first appeared on stage some four hundred years ago. Serving as the pivot upon which the action of the play is established — Hamlets fathers ghost delivers him important information about his death and the throne — one Continue Reading

War the Nature of Modern

This contrasts completely with another theory of modern warfare put forth by Samuel Huntington, who agrees that warfare is transitioning away from its previous incarnation(s) but actually sees war and conflict increasing in its scope, especially from an ideological perspective. In Huntingtons view, war in the modern era (beginning in Continue Reading

Partitioning As a Resolution to

Considering both perspectives in the light of Northern Ireland and Iraq yields some additional insight into the viability of partitioning as a means of resolving ethnic conflict. In Northern Ireland, partitioning was attempted and physically enforced to a degree, though there were always ethnic Irish living in the North and Continue Reading