Ultimately it was an agreement approved by both parties. It was a valuable lesson for me because I witnessed, first hand, the animosity that can result when two groups feel strongly on opposite sides of an issue, both believing that they are right. I had the experience of bringing about a meeting of the minds, fostering compromise and a peaceful resolution to a problem. The experience and the lessons learned will stand me in good stead in business and in life.

It has been my great fortune to live in various places around the globe, including Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and the United States. My experiences have contributed to a true global perspective. Through the places I have lived and the many people I have met, I gained an appreciation of cultural diversity and, sadly, witnessed a few instances where tolerance was not practiced.

Those scenarios steeled my resolve to make a positive difference in bridging the gaps between people wherever and whenever I can.

In addition to developing business skills, I am a former member of the United Studios of Self-Defense (USSD) and earned a green belt. The experience built both mental and physical toughness and taught me the power of discipline and positive thinking. I believe these skills, along with my experiences in negotiation and world cultures, position me to bring tolerance and an appreciation of diversity to the college.

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