Democratic Procedures an Aid or

The Democrats took over Congress in the 2006 mid-term elections, and while the party wished to have the administration adopt a policy to either “get out now” of Iraq, or “stabilize, then withdraw.” Those suggestions were met with patriotic, even nationalistic opposition from Bush and his very vocal vice president, Continue Reading

Enders Game

History makes it possible for one to understand how the masses can be persuaded to adopt particular attitudes by being provided with manipulative information. People lose the ability to discover when they are being controlled as they are provided with more and more false information. Ones inclination to act similar Continue Reading

Treatment of Rape Victims and

When viewed from that perspective, it becomes understandable that a jury could not eliminate the second story beyond a reasonable doubt, and, therefore, had to acquit Michael of the crime. Psychological treatment of suspect Given Americas complex racial history, it is no surprise that race is oftentimes seen as a Continue Reading