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Existence value of resistance Organization change involves introducing new conversations and shifting existing conversations and patterns of discourse. However, new conversations have a hard time competing with existing conversation and so the challenge for change agents is getting new conversation heard. This is where resistance can be of value. Resistance Continue Reading

Refinement of Pavements

Maintenance of road pavements. Fixing pavements is in the news, particularly since an investigation by Help the Aged found that 2,300 elderly people fall on cracked pavements every day, many of them die, and others become afraid to leave their home as a result (Mobilizing the Region (April 30, 2001 Continue Reading

Susan Baskin Change in the

All partners and employees should therefore agree about what is to be done to improve and remedy the companys current situation (Rowe, p. 1). This can only be done by effective communication. c. Implementation A strong communication strategy should be implemented. Because the company is relatively small, communication can occur Continue Reading

History of Project Management in

A more definitive explanation is; “… A proposed explanation for a phenomenon.” (Scientific Reference) a hypothesis should be able to be tested and functions as a directive for further research. In my research study for example, the hypothesis that was explored was that certain circumstances in different historical periods affect Continue Reading