Professional Development Plan One of

These elements can include different principles, skills, attitudes, concepts, and generalizations (Hall, 2002). Using a semester-long project for the students helps weave together elements and materials to support the instructional content. Looking at a long-term project that allows students to pull together skills from different areas would allow this type Continue Reading

Managerial Economics

economic terms, such as scarcity and positive and normative economics, with the proposed goals of understanding the way that resources are part of the production process and of the decision making process within an economic entity. As Milton Freedman has pointed out, positive economics describes and discusses “what is,” while Continue Reading

Managerial Finance and Accounting

Managerial Accounting: Organizations and Expectations The profession and practice of accounting has become increasingly prominent and increasingly scrutinized over the past decade or so, in the wake of major scandals and upsets in the business world that can be traced in part to nebulous and unethical accounting practices or outright Continue Reading