The technique of the tango is extremely intricate and difficult to learn. It is a long dance, with intricate movements by both partners. Personally, I have yet to master the dance, but have experience trying with my partner. In order to get to the mastery level I am currently at, I had to tae several classes. The first introduction class for the dance was a disaster. Me and my partner stumbled all over each other, and barely got the first move of the dance down. Still nowhere near the final technical performance, I feel that I am still progressing nicely, and learn several new steps of the dance each new class I attend. I have always grown up with the notion for dance being associated with more ball room style tempos. However, the South American rhythms were very easy to adapt to, and entertaining to practice too. Additionally, there has always been an allure surrounding the dance that has made it appealing to want to learn on a more advanced scale.

Finally, the structure of the dance itself is extremely complicated. It is done with only two individuals. This makes it incredibly intimate between two partners that are constantly facing each other throughout the entire dancing experience. The moves are heavily arranged, and thus must be consistently practiced with ones partner in order to be able to adapt to their own unique style and idiosyncrasies. Often times the partners are restricted to a male and female couple. Thus, the dance itself tends to represent the lust and courtship between man and a woman. The two dancers begin slowly as the music starts, only to pick up speed as the tempo increases. The dancers keep constant time with the music, with slowing and rising action tied to the musical elements that surround them..

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