The difference in price is because in casino resort hotels, one pays as per the facilities used, but in traditional full service hotels, the prices are inclusive of everything present in the rooms, whether the client uses them or not.

In casino resort hotels, the revenue of the hotel is generated from the many fields in the hotel such as gambling games, betting games, golf courses, tennis courts, the hotel itself and other social services offered by the hotel. On the other hand, in traditional full service business hotels, the revenue is mainly generated from accommodation and lodging services and other services related to accommodation such as their restaurant and conference facilities.

Casino resort hotels offer table wagering games and other gambling activities such as sports betting and slot machines. Such activities are primarily for leisure and entertainment. On the contrary, traditional full service hotels offer services such as accommodation and restaurant.

Other services include swimming pools, Jacuzzi and spa services.

In the traditional full service hotels, their staff is typically trained to offer quality services in the hotel room such as cleaning and bed making. Some are well trained in catering services and some are trained to offer specialized services such as massage, spa and fitness services in the gymnasium. On the other hand, the members of staff working in casino resort hotels are trained on teaching ball games, table wagering games and the other different games as well as assisting those who play the games in the casinos.

In as much as there exist several difference between traditional full service business hotels and casino resort hotels, there are also many similarities that exist between the two. However, the decision to stay at either depends on the individual and.

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