To me, man is shoved into the future where his perfection waits, but which at this time, waits for his apt choices that will insure and accelerate that perfection. It would be anti-life to contradict that pristine urge placed within each of us by the Hand that created us and the Spirit that continues to indwell each creature through that inner light.

My personality theorys sense of the future out of the now is more than just blind adherence to a life in the hereafter. The future is not seen by the person as a pie in the sky or some lofty but unreachable prize for good behavior in this world and in this fumbling life. The future sense of the person under my theory actually makes a deliberate choice to be perfect in a momentary sense right here and right now. And that is by deliberately choosing the worthiest, most meaningful option of each moment. To do this, the person must be constantly aware that his faulty environments will always tend to sway him into other directions not conducive to his perfection and happiness and so also constantly rejects those forces. It is only when his guard is low or down that his choices become wrong and he momentarily elects his own evil or delays his perfection. This is not Buddhist in that it allows the person the possibility of self-destruction, while pinning enormous trust in the inner light in the person.

The person under my personality theory does not see happiness as the object of his sojourn in the world, as the Constitution proudly states.

Happiness, to him, is instead a given which he uses as the means to achieving perfection. Perfection is not the material or mental kind, butthe moral kind, whereby all his impulses, dreams, deliberations, and will are aligned and are fuelled by happiness towards his moral perfection. Happiness which being in alignment to ones good and loving oneself according to that good, and pleasure resulting only from it. I admit that this view takes a lot from the concept of the destiny of man by St. Thomas Aquinas in his “Summa Theologica” and St. Augustines “Confessions,,” two of the most revered doctors of the Catholic Church.

My personality theory is thus, intrinsically based on the divine theory but incorporating the evolution theory of Darwin, but with the spirit and its light pre-indwelling man and evolving with him through his life. Since the nature of the inner light is infinite and flawless, the room for improving and redeeming man from within and by that inner light within, are just as immense and mysterious as to be contained completely within any human theory. #


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