The Link between Personality Traits and the Brains Neurotransmitters

Purpose of Paper/Introduction/Background

My paper will be examining the links between personality traits and the brains neurotransmitters. I plan to address this topic by looking at different personality traits and how they are linked to the brains neurotransmitters. I will also look at how this then leads to psychological disorders and how these are being treated with psychotropics. I will also compare this treatment method with unconventional and alternative treatments while looking at potential future developments and influences.

Some of the issues that I have identified are: that although personality may be inherent, it expands, through enduring occurrence, over ones lifetime. Personality is a multifaceted collection of behaviors, coping approaches, and defenses against apparently integrated vulnerabilities and while some are used to thinking of personality as something that is fashioned by early occurrences, mainly with parents and other caretakers, researchers are now learning detailed genetic and biologic features that influence ordinary personality and may play a vital role in the advance of personality disorder.

With this research I intend to explore how personality traits are linked to neurotransmitters in the brain and how this connection can lead to psychiatric disorders being treated with psychotropics. I chose this topic because I am very interested in how the brain works and how it is connected to psychiatric disorders. I think it is important to study this topic so that I can further my knowledge and advance my career.


The goal of this study is to investigate the link between personality traits and the neurotransmitters and determine if the use of psychotropic drugs is the best treatment for people who suffer from psychiatric disorders.

This will be done by comparing the use of psychotropic drugs with other alternative treatments.

Literature Review

Serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter systems are mixed up in the regulation of frame of mind, understanding and personality traits and their malfunction is thought to be concerned in varied psychopathologies. On the other hand it has been seen that in healthy people the relationship between the serotonin and dopamine systems and neuropsychological functioning and personality traits is not visible. In a study done by Burke, van de Giessen, de Win, Schilt, van Herk, van den Brink & Booij (2011), it was investigated whether or not neuropsychological functioning, personality traits and mood status of a group of healthy people was associated with in vivo measures of serotonin transporters (SERTs) and dopamine transporters (DATs). The conclusion was that there was some degree of association present.

In order to look at the connection between personality traits and neurotransmitters it is important to understand how neurotransmitters work. The white matter of a persons brain is made up of neurons and nerves that run throughout the body. These are essentially just dedicated cells with very long extensions which are sometimes a meter or more in length. Electrical impulses travel down the thin nerve fibers, which permit the neuron to let go of some of these tiny vesicle sacs and emit chemical contents into the synapse, which is a gap that subsists between the nerve ending.

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